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30ml HS e-juice,e-liquid-red bull(Energy Cow/Red cow) 0mg
It tastes good, Ofc. Like red-bull, maybe a little sweeter...

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E-FIRE wooden e-cigarette

The E-FIRE is designed as artware,wooden carvened unique outside look.
variable voltage function will adjust the voltage freely.Come with the 
ego&510 thread work with most of cartomizers without will bring 
you a new vapor feeling.

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E-FIRE e cigarette kits free shipping 0

E-FIRE e cigarette kits free shipping

E-FIRE e cigarette kits The E-FIRE e cigarette kits contains the environmental protection pure wooden carvened battery.The battery v v function is...
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V-SEN Glass Clearomizer dual coil 120

V-SEN Glass Clearomizer dual coil

V-SEN Glass Clearomizer is the newest 3ml Dual Coil clearomizer made for durability and great looks. V-SEN Glass Clearomizer   Measure: Battery...
Sale: $7.48
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X-FIRE 2 ECIG wooden VV kits 60

X-FIRE 2 ECIG wooden VV kits

X-FIRE 2 ECIG  Features of Efire Kit:1. Highlights: Compared to E-fire V1, the material of button and base for adjusting voltage is changed from...
Sale: $72.93
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